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  • Invest in energy efficient light bulbs, LED lights have a longer life and use less energy
  • Turn off or unplug appliances when not in use
  • A buzzing sound coming from outlet
  • Outlets spark or have loose fitting plugs
  • Outlet faces have burn marks

This type of electrical outlet is designed to protect you from electrical shock if moisture is present. They are commonly found in kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor outlets.

Fuses and breakers both break the flow of electricity when a fault is sensed. When a fuse blows they need to be replaced every time they do so, breakers are a simple switch that just need to be reset

An outdated electrical panel, often found in older homes, isn’t designed to meet the electricity demands of modern living. If your home’s electrical panel is less than 100 amps, it’s time to enter the modern age with an upgrade.

If your lights are frequently flickering throughout your home or just in a single fixture, you should always call your electrician. In many cases, lights flicker because of an outdated electrical system, and your electrical panel or wiring will need to be replaced. In other cases, it can be a loose wire, insufficient power supply, or another appliance on a circuit drawing too much power.